Presentation of String Quartet Tajj

sting quartet tajj The “TAJJ” string quartet was formed in 1997. in Novi Sad by musicians who came to know each other during study at ” Academy of Arts ” in Novi Sad . They attracted attention with their string quartet playing of professor István Varga famous violoncellist of Novi Sad and ex – Yugoslavia . He was their artistic director until 1999.From 1999. “TAJJ” string quartet worked without any professional guidance, but they successfully took part in many international master classes with famous chamber musicians: “Amadeus” quartet, “A.Berg” quartet, “Bartok” quartet, “Chilingirian” quartet, “Daniel” quartet, “Smetana” quartet, “Medici” quartet, “Janacek” quartet, A.Steinhard, S.Devich and A. Flammer.

They performed on many concerts and chamber festivals in S&MN and abroad. The most important performances were in NOMUS (music festival in Novi Sad ), and at international competition for string quartets “Premio Paolo Borciani”- Italy 2000.

From 2003. They started to perform with other chamber musicians from S&MN, enriching their repertoire: Aleksandar Tasić – clarinet, Ratimir Martinović – piano, Nađa Bulatović – piano (Köln), Branislav Jatić – bass (singer), Vera Kovač Vitkay – sopran, Laura Levai Aksin – flute, Sonja Antunić – flute, Iris Kobal – piano, Ivica Marušević – doublebass, Nenad Vasić – horn, Žarko Perišić – bassoon.

The most important project in their carrier was the II “Memorial Isidor Bajić” – international piano competition, where they performed as residence quartet for chamber – final round (piano – quintets).

From 2003. They are a students of postgraduate studies of “Faculty of music arts” Belgrade , for subject: chamber music -string quartet in the class of professor Ladislav Mezei. Discography: the repertoire of the “TAJJ” string quartet ranges from J.Haydn to the highpoints of twentieth century chamber music ; various interpretations has already been recorded on compact disk: Promo cd with J.Haydn and A.Dvorak, Clarinet- quintets W.A.Mozart and J.Brahms with Aleksandar Tasić, first Vojvodinian cd of vocal – chamber music with Branislav Jatić, and two promo cd’s with modern Vojvodinian hungarian composers of XX. Century.



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